Shiverydelicious is currently recording a full-length album, due for release spring/summer 2005. In the meantime, you can download the following demo versions and listen to clips from her latest show.
Dilemma (live) 1.5 MB Clip
Mark on My Finger (live) 1.1 MB Clip
Reclamation (live) 2.0 MB Clip
Still Got Me (live) 1.0 MB Clip
The Game (live) 1.9 MB Clip
The Right Mistake (live) 1.5 MB Clip
The Right Mistake 3.7 MB Full Song
The Way That (live) 1.3 MB Clip
This Song (live) 1.5 MB Clip
Twelve Two 3.3 MB Full Song
Whiskey and Wool (live) 1.8 MB Clip

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