shiverydelicious is, by turns: a professional redhead; a super-secret ninja; a city-climbing, boot-rocking wanderluster. She's a lapsed punk rocker and an ex-opera singer, but all she wants now is to be your friendly neighborhood troubadour. shiverydelicious hails from Brooklyn, NY, finding her borough after discovering that she couldn't build up a proper head of quality angst in the path of California's endless sunshine. And angst, after all, is currency for a singer-songwriter.

shiverydelicious cut her performance teeth at several of New York's revered open mics. After she made a sufficient nuisance of herself there, someone made the questionable decision of allowing her to do her own full length shows. Not needing any more prompting than a tentative offer, shiverydelicious made her triumphant debut at Manhattan's Meow Mix, and the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, shiverydelicious has performed at such hallowed venues as the Orange Bear and the C-Note.
"With a knockout voice and heartfelt lyrics, she shows a lot of promise as a singer/songwriter. Her Britney Spears impression and ode to Judd Nelson are not to be missed!"
--Cheryl Mullen, "Sounding Off"
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